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Norse Jobs

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths:  Irrefutable Proof that Santa is #Óðin.
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Know thine mythology!


Hilt of a Viking Sword 9th C, Hedeby, Denmark. Weapons and armour were huge status symbols. Vikings gave their ornate swords names like Legbiter but when a warrior died in battle his sword was ritually killed too – bent double, and interred with him.


Today’s DIG Diary: “Walk To Her”

Viking Funeral- The way I want to be cremated You didn't think I wanted a regular old cremation did you?

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10 Badass Goddesses Who Are The Heroes Of Their Own Fascinating Stories

Hel, Norse Goddess of the Underworld. Read about her connection to Ragnarok. | The 10 Most Badass Goddesses Of World Mythology.


Thor (Norse) - Title: God of Thunder. Home: Asgard. Symbol (Mjdnir), Parents: Odin & Fyorgyn. Siblings: Baldr, Váli, Hermóðr, Hóðr, Heimdallr, Týr, Bragi, Vaðarr & Skjöldur. Wife: Sif. Children: Magni, Thrud, Modi, Loridi & Ullr. Job: Protection of Mankind.


another interesting, well designed, detailed, and fun look on the main characters of going bovine. the artist did a very good job of capturing everyone's personality in the drawing. Cameron an angsty teen battling a disease, Gonzo, his best friend, a hot head who's however paranoid and scared, dulice, a cheerie, and uplifting angelic figure. and balder, the yard mystical yard gnome who's a Norse god, snazzy, charismatic, and a yard gnome.

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Evangeline & Corey's Norse viking wedding

Viking wedding, Asatru, pagan, old folk, Icelandic, Nordic traditional clothes tunic, ribbon trimming. With amazing Viking styled cake,