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Norse jobs

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths:  Irrefutable Proof that Santa is #Óðin.

Know thine mythology!

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths: Irrefutable Proof that Santa is #Óðin.


... Viking Boat Layout ....


New beginnings. I really like my job, and i really like my clients :)…


People clearly need to play Elder Scrolls. Nothing screams evil, religious nut-jobs like the very vanilla High-Elven Al-deushy Dominion. I'll take my Redguard and Dark-Elf buddies over them any day...


"The call that inspires the spiritual warrior in her journey is the call to discover authenticity and freedom within herself and to embody that in her life. Answering this call does not demand that we divorce our partners, leave our children or renounce our jobs and aspirations. It does require us to question whether the forms and roles we have chosen communicate the values and wisdom we honour."


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A rough tattoo commission sketch that wasn't used. Based on the Norse Mythology of Ragnarok. Pencil sketch


Waldorf Homeschoolers

Flight of the valkyrie: the Viking figurine that's heading for Britain

The first 3D Valkyrie figurine (AD800), found at Hårby on Funen, Denmark. - Etymologically speaking, ”valkyrie” means ”chooser of the slain”. The job of these supernatural shield maidens in Norse mythology is to select who dies on the battlefield and guide their souls to Odin’s manor, where they will spend the afterlife training for the Twilight of the Gods, the final battle against the forces of chaos. Also see the the tapestries from Oseberg ship burial,


Hilt of a Viking Sword 9th C, Hedeby, Denmark. Weapons and armour were huge status symbols. Vikings gave their ornate swords names like Legbiter but when a warrior died in battle his sword was ritually killed too – bent double, and interred with him.