Só eu que amo a Hiiro (Nora)? Um dos best personagens.Sua personalidade me encanta!

I kinda liked her a little at first and thought she was pretty cool but I changed my mind quick af

This is true I trusted someone that all she ever did was smile and I ended up getting hurt in the end, but ever n now I will always care about her and hope that she is happy even if I'm not

That's true I trusted a girl I thought was my friend but then she spread rumours about my new friends and is just a plain bitch

Noragami Aragoto by Evil-usagi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Noragami print for Anime North and Anime Expo~ been meaning to do one after watching aragoto be up on my online store sometime soon!

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Anime picture noragami studio bones nora (noragami) kane (kanekiru) single blush short hair looking at viewer black hair smile fringe sitting japanese clothes traditional clothes pink eyes night night sky cherry blossoms hieroglyph reflection 393192 en

Don't like Nora, but this pic is awesome! riaxa: 緋 by 黃泉野草魔改 ※ Permission to upload this work was granted by the artist.

bangs black_hair body_writing dissolving_clothes highres japanese_clothes kimono looking_at_viewer mask mask_removed nora_(noragami) noragami obi red_eyes ripples sash short_hair solo tree triangular_headpiece water yomi_yasou