nobody care they are just pretending, words, quotes

nobody care they are just that they are not questioned.:/ it would be btr if they don't even pretend.

Oh how I wish this would happen to you. Just die.

This is sad because this is how depression works . No one notices , cares , or even gives a shit until your laying dead cold in a fucking casket. Then "you were so beautiful" "smart" and "everyone loved you.

Face it,nobody cares and you're all alone. Welcome to this messed up world...

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On what it's like to be the "strong" one. | "Didn't you know? Nobody likes it when the strong one breaks. When you're everyone's therapist, you're not allowed to make mistakes."

And when you ask for help you're told oh, you'll be fine, you're the strong one . in vulnerable moments it makes you truly question why even bother with other people. No one understands why we shut down then, and then later explode.

its not that nobody care about me i just hate to see them worry cause i have done it all my life and id rather be their tissue box to have them lay on my shoulder for me to be the one to hug them and restore the happiness then have it the other way around and thats because i have done THIS all my life ~gingy

Those, readers, are the most painful nights. The nights that no one knows of. The nights that are too damn long. The nights that make you not want to get out of bed in the morning. The nights that make your eye swell from sobbing so much.

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Omdssss yessss idk i tell myself shit tha ent truuu buh i cnt stop myselfffff

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depressed depression sad suicide quotes pain true black thoughts dark cut die why no one question nobody cares selfhate asked no one asked

I just feel like I'm always there for my friends, but some of them are never there for me. I feel like the last one to be invited. Always.And it's like they're better of without me: i could just dissappear, and they wouldn't notice or care. I'm always second choice,and no one's "go-to-person". It feels like shit,and nobody cares

Honestly I never feel included I feel like their just my friends because they fill bad for me or don't want to be mean. I swear I feel so fucking alone around everybody. I feel like a fucking outcast all the damn time.