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Never too busy to notice who is loyal to who and that says everything. Loyal to the good in people who are evil is like saying you believe in cartoon worlds. If a person is good then they have chosen to leave evil out. If a person is sometimes evil they have not chosen they have hidden demons and used good as a stepping stone into areas they have no business. A fox in the hen house cause there are "good parts" as a fool would say. He will eat the chickens sooner or later.

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Life on a Narcissistic Roller Coaster

Sadly yes, if they are sneaky, dishonest & try to "frame you," then they will definitely do it again. No matter how many times they may come back and try to "pretend that they care," and say they really don't? Do NOT fall for their shit. Move on- You're better off without them. (Didn't write this. Agree with every word of it LV)

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“sorry” works when mistake is made… (RAW FOR BEAUTY)

Trust is the hardest thing to get back and if your partner isn't willing to work on it with you chances are they don't want it back.

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Yep, that's ME!! Always there for everyone, but not everyone always there for me, are you? The only two people I could/can ALWAYS count on was my Mom (Bless Her Soul & Miss Her So) and now my husband. I've been shocked by the actions of those whom I no longer consider family, will never forgive them. Always trusting everyone, I find myself very cautious now & trusting NO ONE until they have earned that trust.

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