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If only... I only wish things were this way. Would much rather someone see me for what I truly am, rather than just hide it all with makeup.

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Fun Psychology facts here!...I never wear makeup, probably cause I don't think it makes me look good

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"No need to put makeup on what God already put his paintbrush on." Heard this saying from J.Coles song Crooked Smile. Planing to frame and hang this in my makeup room(:

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I make no apologies for the way I am

I don’t have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. I’m far from being considered a model but, I’m me. I eat food. I have curves. I have more... <3 Drop by our page any time for more fantastic quotes! <3

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17 Times Eyeliner Was The Work Of Satan

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I can no longer wear eye makeup because of an allergy. My eye area reacts to any eye makeup i put on. time to embrace these no makeup looks

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"Thanks for your concern, but no, I'm not sick, dying, or sad.I just didn't wear any makeup today. "

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Darling Coco Chanel Quote - Fashion Print , Fashion art, wall art, illustration, Typography, wall decor

New to StyleScoutDesign on Etsy: Custom Quote sign canvas print in handwritten quote for song quotes lyric wall art inspirational quote USD)

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OITNB's Danielle Brooks' New Hashtag Campaign Embraces All Shapes

How to Love Your Body

The thing about your unique beauty is that it belongs to you and no one else. Own it! ❤

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