I didn't do my homework - hold students accountable. Would like to rework this for elementary. No Homework Binder.pdf

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Student Reflection Form "No Homework" Binder. It's my personal/teacher mission to help students become more responsible for their actions. I like that this form makes them accountable for their missing work AND requires them to think about it-something which usually doesn't happen.

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Integrate technology in the classroom with google drive and QR codes! This classroom management tool helps monitor how often children are turning in their homework. Great documentation for teachers!

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Homework vs. No Homework Is the Wrong Question | Edutopia

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Eat lunch in the classroom Extra PE time Extra recess time No homework for the night A day with no desks or chairs Mrs. Glasmann shows us her 6th grade picture (Where do they come up with this stuff?) Play a class game Rearrange desks however students want (This came with the stipulation that I can move them back any time I'd like.) Bring a drink and snack to school Movie morning with popcorn

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