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SHORT CIRCUIT: Production - Setting It All Up

SHORT CIRCUIT: Production – Setting It All Up - Dan Goforth asks entertainment attorney Stacey Davis to tell filmmakers the things they need to know to get their film off the page and into production.

(Be the super villain) I kept fighting I was an orphan no home I lived in the streets I know I was only ten but I was smart and a whole lot of other things cuz of the accident. And now I'm out to fight crime again I was known as Kid what I couldn't think of a good name. Anyways now I'm on my way to stop a robbery when a car pulls up "Devil heart?" I ask "get in I'm taking you to school"

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Friday the 13th (1980)

Good work, no doubt...but....for all the film geeks out there, the hockey mask didn't appear until episode 3. Sorry dude

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25 Things About Directing Actors

They'll tell you that 90 percent of filmmaking is casting. What they don't mention is that even if you get the casting right, you can still really screw it up if you don't know how to work with your actors. Here are 25 thoughts about directing actors, in no particular order.

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Who Are You In The "Deadpool" Movie?

Who Are You In The "Deadpool" Movie? I got Deadpool! Should I be worried?!

Bronson, this movie was very strange yet really good. A sort of dark comedy. Tom Hardy the actor who played the notorious Bronson actually communicated with Charlie Bronson in prison in order to prepare himself for the role, it just made me respect him even more as an actor.

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