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YES! So true...., excluding yourself, u should always strive, but I literally do not expect anything, ever, from anyone anymore....and once you truly accept's a feeling of comfort, and when things happen that are good....Enjoy them,cuz you no longer have time to dwell on negative things, as whatever that may be that would've previously let u down, u never "really" truly belived or expected to really happen so u just stop giving a fuck! .so bye bye dwell. :)


#thinkpositive Agree. Whenever I feel disappointed, I know it's because of an unmet expectation. Often the other person has no idea they "disappointed" you. Enjoyed and repinned by #qoutes


I've always lived by this. Actually, I've always said, "I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed."

from Laura Trevey

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How I live: Having no expectations leaves lots of room for surprises and little room for disappointment. Always be appreciative and let people know it.


I never knew you could be so disappointed in another human being. Just when you get to the point where there's not much else to be disappointed about in someone then bam they do something else to show there is really no end to that person's failure as a human. You are truly a despicable failure at everything you do. Will this ever cease to amaze me. Why am I surprised? Because I thought maybe there was a speck of that person you used to be or at least what we thought you were but no. Where…

from SlipTalk

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Goodness this is so true. I am trying to learn to have no expectations, and to be thankful and grateful for anything I might be blessed with.


Remember - in a lifetime there must be times you have also disappointed someone. Disappointments are not only one sided. We are all trying our best - some harder than others. No one is perfect.