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Quick 20 Minute Workout + Easy Cookie Recipe

Bodybuilder version of a raw energy bar. Ha! It looks more like a patty, but I still love it. :))

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I present you: professor Potter, Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and Head of Gryffindor House. And Teddy Lupin, his godson and the sassiest Hufflepuff

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Africa | "Prince Mutudzi du Ruanda". ca. 1925 || Vintage postcard; publisher Leopold Gabriel à Panda (Katanga). Photographer Zagourski. No. 274.

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I remember talking to you and saying ive never seen you before and your like actually we smoked together once. I knew I wanted to get to know you but i was shy. I now remember that day and everything we talked about. But then I was not attracted to you bc of your long beard. I am sorry. Bc now id love you no matter what. But it took you talking to me again to make me realize that

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Pictures of the day: 16 February 2012

A moustachioed Emperor tamarin sticks its tongue out at Fürth-Erlenbach Mountain Zoo in Fürth, Germany

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