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A nice visualization of the mindsets from Carol Dweck's book "Mindset".

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Most people in the education and sport worlds now know the difference between fixed (ability is set in stone) and growth mindset (ability is malleable). But how do we actually help develop a growth mindset? What are the sorts of behaviours and habits that we should be encouraging? Growth Mindset The most common knowledge around …

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Emotional Intelligence #Infographic #Emotion #Intelligence REALLY cool to visualize like this....

Emotional Intelligence #infographic

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Sketch Note: The Art of Effective Mentoring

When Chip R. Bell and Marshall Goldsmith released the revised edition of their classic book “Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning” in 2013, I interviewed them on this blog. Now that I am learning how to create sketch note, I used this interview on mentoring as a base to create

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Don’t worry, be happy (36 photos)

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