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Photo 10 of 37: Lego Ninjago, Ninja / Birthday "Ninjago / Ninja Birthday" | Catch My Party

Craft, Interrupted: Ninjago / Ninja Birthday Party - could be used for an obstacle course party too


Ninja Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies * Birthday Themes

Is your little ninja longing for some kung fu fun party? Read through ideas on how to plan a ninja themed party, food ideas, drink ideas, find your ninja party supplies and favours and more. I was always impressed by ninjas!

Awesome Idea!!!!!Craft, Interrupted: Ninjago / Ninja Party Game - Paper Ninja Star Throwing Practice

Craft, Interrupted: Ninjago / Ninja Party Game - Paper Ninja Star Throwing Practice -- if the oragami doesn& work then we could cut them out of cardboard and toss them through hula hoops!

Inspired by Tough Mudder - the Barbwire Crawl!

Welcome to Ninja Training Camp!

Superhero Birthday Party: Decorations and Games

Party Game : Knocking down walls is definitely super hero fun. There should be "someone in distress" on the other side of the walls for them to save!use the play bricks!

These TMNT party games are totally tubular dude! DIY Birthday party games ideas for your teenage mutant ninja turtles fan!

Fun rainy day activity for the kids (or Lego Ninjago /Ninja / TMNT Birthday party idea). Uses party streamers taped at different angles between walls, ceiling and floor. Lots of fun and a big success with ten yr old boys.

ninjago birthday party :)

Excellent ideas, plus an added bonus link to Craft Interrupted with a ton of great ideas for a LEGO Ninjago Party

Breaking a Styrofoam "board" and other fun ideas!

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting Dancing at this party for our fabulous buddy Trent!Trent decided that he wanted to dress like a Ninja and have a Kung-Fu Dance Party. How great is that?

NINJA BIRTHDAY PARTY | some really great ideas for activities. Can do these activities just on any day to have fun as well.

easy ninja swords made from pipe insulation // ninja birthday party favor Mehr

How to make origami ninja star - not too hard!!

Origami Ninja Star Instructions Printable, how to make an origami ninja star

What's Your Ninja Name?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

It was no surprise when Big Guy told me he wanted a Lego Ninjago Birthday Party. He is obsessed with it. First off I needed to come up with.

Kara's Creative Place: Star Wars Birthday Party

Love the crepe paper Jedi training game, and the white balloons/milk jug storm troopers-- we could shoot them with nerf blasters!