Female Rogue Ninja - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy

ArtStation - Rogue, Magnus Norén Love this drawing style. and the background, subtle, but still saying something.

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Ninja Conceptual

Ninja Conceptual Militia-Haul Xokai new Xecutioner Oni Mask red

I am Locket, Locata's right hand man. I control the shadows, but I am weak to water. No one has seen my true form and lived to tell the tale. I am here to help Locata find his dead wife and bring her back then i will join the good side for i made a deal so i can transform between my two forms at this cost.

The Shadow--A ninja race that has been exiled to the desert, for their radical beliefs, and worship of the "dark gods" (Dragons)