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Have you ever had a dream that stuck with you for the rest of the day or even a week? Do you believe that your dreams have deeper meaning? Many expert

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The came out every month for only one night but no one knew why. No one really knew what they were, tales from the new world of beasts such as this were common but here, in England. This was something entirely new...

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Morning, people 🖖🏼😚 How can I get rid of nightmares? Since I came to the US, I've been having nightmares every night 😔 С тех пор, как переехала, не могу восстановить режим ☀️🌝 Вчера ворочалась до полтретьего ночи, сегодня проснулась раньше мужа, в семь. И снится черт знает что - то трупы, то просто давящие на психику ужастики 😩 Нужно начать пить ромашку ☕️🌸 #MintOreos #CoffeePlease #BreakfastInBed #trvlblog

Me spreading to voices in my head......(to anyone who hadn't noticed, I'm a writer, the voices are my characters)

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