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Night Sweats and Headaches

Giant cell arteritis - inflammation of the arteries in the head - causes night sweats and headaches.


Fibromyalgia ~ it’s actually Pituitary damage!

Case study – 28 yo mother of 2... * Hot flashes/night sweats * Hurt all over – joints are killing her especially hips * Numbness & tingling in toes, feet & fingers * Muscles hurt especially...


10 Common Medical Causes of Night Sweats -

Night Sweats, Cold Feet, and Insomnia

Cold feet is caused by poor circulation - One of the most common causes of cold feet, night sweats, and insomnia are hormonal changes.


PMS Night Sweats Causes and Remedies -


What Is Causing Your Night Sweats?

What causes night sweats? Some common causes of night sweats are hormonal imbalances, bacterial or viral infections, side effects of medications, hypoglycemia and cancer.