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Banana Bread

Banana Bread: I haven't done a tremendous amount of fiddling with this, but I did once make it, for friends who are more chocolate-crazed than I am, by replacing 25g of the flour with good cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate) and adding 100g of dark chocolate, cut up into smallish chunks. And you could just as easily use the chocolate chips sold in the baking aisle of supermarkets.


Banana Bread - Nigella Lawson recipe. While the recipe recommends simmering the raisins in rum before adding to the cake mix, I prefer apple juice or whatever juice might be in the fridge - it is sweeter.


The Elvis Bundt

In the distant past this cake started off as Nigella Lawson’s Banana Loaf. Since I have been using this recipe I have fiddled with it a few times. Then, when my American friend sent me Reese&…