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Nigel Haworth is one of several Accrington & Rossendale College catering students to gain and hold a Michellin Star. He is co-owner of the outstanding Northcote Manor and showed off his skills with a winning appearance on Great British Menu.

from Great British Chefs

Nigel Haworth's luxurious confit lamb shoulder recipe makes a decadent alternative to a Sunday roast, cooking the organic lamb in duck fat for an unctuous result. Served with roast garlic, sprightly poached tomatoes and potato purée, this recipe is hard to beat.

from Channel 4

Guest chef Nigel Haworth shows us how to make the perfect Lancashire hotpot with Red Cabbage

from Great British Chefs

This striking autumnal mutton loin recipe by Michelin-starred chef Nigel Haworth uses a water bath to break down the meat's traditionally tough fibres, resulting in wonderfully tender, moist slices. This recipe is from Northcote’s tasting menu, so to make a full-sized portion you will need to increase the quantity of mutton and artichokes.