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But wait! Just think about the plot line of the entire Abominable Bride....

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Bring Me Patches by imsrun. Am I the only person who thinks necks and forearms like this are drool-worthy?
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Don't smoke. Smoked once though when i was a child. All i remember is nicking a fag and hiding in the toilet late at night. Dont blame me, there were a lot of people around me at the time who smoked so i thought i'd give it a try haha.

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Hugh Kretschmer’s Surrealist Photography

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Totally accepted Headcanon of Sherlock (BBC) and his brother Mycroft and their "games" with each other, trying to annoy the other

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I imagine Sherlock doing this when there is a lull in cases and John has confiscated his cigarettes and his gun. This is him trying to get John to buy him some more nicotine patches, but John is having none of it. "Stop ignoring me Jawn. I need them!" "You said that last time Sherlock. The answer is no." "Please." "Still no."

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Tumblr Artists Pay Homage to Sir Terry Pratchett (1948-2015) [Picture Gallery]

From tumblr user Nicotine-Patches <----- I thought I was done crying. No. No I am not.

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