Crunchy sits down with Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict a hit show on the DIY Network and HGTV. Learn how any budget can restore their dream home.

Nicole Curtis the Rehab Addict: Hit Show on DIY Network

Nicole Curtis the Rehab Addict: Hit Show on DIY Network. I'm totally addicted to this show right now ha

It's one HGTV scandal after another! Nicole Curtis is going to war with her ex-boyfriend over custody of their 22-month-old son. Get the details.

"Rehab Addict" Star Nicole Curtis' Custody Battle Rages On

Nicole Curtis custody battle with ex-partner Shane Maguire for her 2nd son Harper. #ecelebrityfacts

Nicole Curtis battling for custody of son Harper with ex-boyfriend. Mother agrees she need a mental evaluatio

Nicole Curtis custody battle with ex-partner Shane Maguire for her son Harper.

Daily Odd Compliment: Photo

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