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Think I'd consider breaking my 'no-one younger than me' rule for him x

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Nico Mirallegro [x] Please let me adopt him. mostly nature

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Nico Mirallegro as Finn in My Mad Fat Diary well what can I say?

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Finn from My Mad Fat Diary is so cuutte and perfect and fit!!!!!!!!

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Roll on 10:00 so I can see this beautiful human being on my telly! I love you Nico

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Nico Mirallegro - how is it even possible for someone to be this perfect?!

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Nico Mirallegro: Finn Nelson, My Mad Fat Diary.

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Nico Mirallegro as Sam Roth

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nico mirallegro

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Nico Mirallegro. Series 3 of mmfd is coming.

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