Nico di angelo and the skeleton cat. This makes me really happy :3

This is Small Bob. You cannot convince me otherwise. Because if it's Small Bob it's that much more adorable.

Nico di Angelo with Jason Grace, Will Solace, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano & Hazel Levesque aka The Nico di Angelo Protection Squad

Starts after Nico confesses his feelings for Percy! Don't read unless… Fanfiction

Nico di Angelo – Rick Riordan | art by viria

Nico di Angelo ♆ Percy Jackson and the Olympians//The Heores of Olympus//The Trials of Apollo ~~amwricana

19554971_696737680535118_974356179707237612_n.jpg (480×308)

19554971_696737680535118_974356179707237612_n.jpg (480×308)

Nico di Angelo deserves all the love in the world

Nico di Angelo deserves all the love in the world<<<<< As tribute to Nico I will celebrate his birthday on the of January, don't worry Neeks I'll be your friend too.

I think he would reply with, "I came from there... That sentence you said has the answer in it..."

Nico always saves the day :D<<< Nico is my favorite. Nico is my bae. Get TF away from Nico all u other people! I will fight u!

I love loons art

Will Solace, Nico di Angelo, Solangelo, The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle

Nico Di Angelo this is such a good drawing and u can FEEL The emotion. It's just so pretty even though I hate that part of the book

You can just feel the pain that Nico is feeling. I mean, whoever drew this (Burdge maybe?) obviously knows the character well enough to express this much emotion in a simple sketch. I love this drawing.

Imagen de hoo, pjo, and nico di angelo

Anonymous said: Omg your art is so cute and good and im so in love with they, can you please please draw a cute Nico Di Angelo please please? Love FROM México xoxo Answer: Thank you so much!

Aww... this little innocent child is so cute!!! If you think easing the dead, surviving Tartarus on your own, and having a zombie. Chauffeur makes you innocent

this little innocent child is so cute! If you think easing the dead, surviving Tartarus on your own, and having a zombie chauffeur makes you innocent>>> Ah, Nico. Such a cinnamon roll.

Hello Sweetie : Photo<<<< "NICO! No staying up past 10 to dance with skeletons!" << Will Solace, is that you?!?

SPOOKY TIME, could you imagine Nico singing Thriller while dancing with the skeletons<----I was thinking Spooky Scary Skeletons.