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(gif) WARNING:May cause extreme fangirling, sobbing for long periods of time, and feels! This is perfection--- it did *sits in the corner and sobs*

You should know about him.I am damn sure you would love him.   From Directioners

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This is so cute & exactly how I imagine a relationship with Niall would be like (not that it's a bad thing)

Niall: No u luv me to much to hurt me Me: U wanna test that theory horan Niall: Kinda *kisses me* Me: Your lucky your cute and i luv u Niall: Ya i am Me: Other wise you'd be out of this plane Niall: And i wouldn't have u

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When Niall was being sexy and blew a kiss: | The 29 Best Parts Of One Direction On "Saturday Night Live"

When Niall was being sexy and blew a kiss:

When Niall was being sexy and blew a kiss "Saturday Night Live"!

Happy Birthday, Niall Horan! GIFs to Prove He's the Most Angelic Member of One Direction