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niall horan is my favourite member of the musical group one direction.

Niall Horan Is Golfing Again, But Where Is He Doing It?

For Niall Horan fans closely watching his vacation plans, new evidence has emerged that he may no longer be in Los Angeles. On March Niall Horan posted a video of him teeing off at a golf course.

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I am.It's pathetic how I'm in love with someone who will never see me as more than just another fan :( but it is totally worth it -Ashante

Niall Horan’s Secret Agent Nomination, ‘Unofficial 1D Peacekeeper’

Niall Horan’s Secret Agent Nomination, ‘Unofficial Peacekeeper’

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Want to see how the great One Direction singer Niall Horan styles his hair? This post will show you great hairstyles to find the best for you!

Will Niall Horan Return To Comfort Louis Tomlinson Or Swing A Golf Club?

Will Niall Horan Return To Comfort Louis Tomlinson Or Swing A Golf Club?

Niall Horan In LA For Selena Gomez Or David Beckham’s UNICEF Charity?

When James Corden convinced the guys of One Direction to play a terrifying game of tattoo roulette on Thursday night, it was Harry Styles who wound up getting tatted on TV.

Niall Horan’s ‘Today’ Show On Memorial Day: Fans On Twitter Have Several Requests

Niall Horan fans are ecstatic to see him perform live on the Today Show on NBC for Memorial Day but they have a couple of questions that can only be answered by other One Direction .