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Small NFT Hydroponics System

Hydroponics is a great way to have a garden at home, even if you have no place to plant things! Hydroponics systems can be built at any scale and budget. Check out these DIY hydroponics projects to get started!

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A soldering iron was used to make these homemade netted pots. Plastic fumes are very toxic. If you try this, make sure it is in a well ventillated area!

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NFT Pipe (2 meters) - growth stage - 75mm NFT - Hydroponics - growth stage. The material used, PVC plastic, is a material free from heavy metals which confers characteristics compatible with food use.

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All You Need To Know About Hydroponics

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NFT Hydroponics: Learn the best and proper techniques for setting up a Nutrient Film Hydroponic system. The Nutrient Film Technique is a tried and true method you can use for all your gardening needs.

Nutrient film technique or NFT hydroponics is a great option for many home hydroponic gardens. Find out more about NFT hydroponics.

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Hydroponic facility for growing lettuce

Hydroponic continuous flow NFT facility for growing lettuce. I believe the large pipes could have been placed closer together for greater efficiency.

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My Indoor NFT Hydroponics System

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