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Wwe John Cena return and hit The Nexus one REALING ¦ WWE RAW

"To His Majesty the King Tafari Makonnen | In remembrance of his coronation | from the Franco-Ethiopian Railway Company." Tafari Makonnen was the given name of Ethiopian Emperor Haille Selassie I, before he was crowned Emperor on November 2, 1930. "Lion of Judah" is one of the titles used by the Emperors of Ethiopia. That title harkens back to the Queen of Sheba's visit to King Solomon in biblical times. The Lion of Judah symbolized the person of the emperor & is a national symbol of…


This is my summary of a paper given on the Crusader, Hugh of Troyes, Count of Champagne. #Crusades #Medieval


Even Piell was a long-lived Lannik Jedi Master who served on the Jedi High Council during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. A native of the war-torn planet Lannik, he was taken from poverty and trained as a Jedi Knight at a young age, proving to be a fierce warrior and talented Force-user. He became a Master and was given a long-term seat on the Jedi Council. Piell occasionally served with the Palace Guard of his species's prince and foiled an assassination attempt on the prince—at…

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Google Phone Nexus One sheds multi-touch?

Google Phone Nexus One sheds multi-touch? | The much-fabled Google Phone / Nexus One (depending on your chosen/legally forced standpoint) apparently has a raft of different features you might not have expected. Buying advice from the leading technology site