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Going Up

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Pictured: The Cave of Crystals discovered 1,000ft below a Mexican desert

The giant obelisks are formed from groundwater saturated in calcium sulphate which filtered through the cave system millions of years ago

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Why cheese plants are full of holes

Swiss cheese plants' iconic leaves help them to avoid stress, according to a US scientist. Their familiar hole-riddled leaves allow the plants to capture sunlight more regularly, his research suggests. The counterintuitive idea explains how such plants can survive in shady rainforests. Commonly grown as house plants, they are found in the wild from southern Mexico to Colombia.

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National Parks Explorer | The American Road Trip Company

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Image: Climbers at the bottom of the Golondrinas cave in Aquismon Region, Mexico. The towering walls of rock range from 325 feet tall to the...

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Turquoise Mosaic Mask, Aztec/Mixtec AD 1400-1521, Mexico

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Stunning image shows boy watching solar eclipse... taken from 1.5 miles away

Solar eclipse: A boy, standing on a ridge 1.5miles away from photographer Colleen Pinski, is encompassed by the outline of the sun

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Alien UFO Sightings: Archeologists Unearth Alien-Like Skulls In A Mexico Cemetery

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Roswell UFO Crash Site and Sign, Roswell, New Mexico. ****** I WOULD LIKE TO GO TO THAT PLACE.

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How the Wild West REALLY looked: Gorgeous sepia-tinted pictures show the landscape as it was charted for the very first time

Navajo family with loom. Near Old Fort Defiance, New Mexico. Albumen print photograph, 1873.

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