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The beauty of the planet's landscapes captured in award-winning shots

Dramatic British shots that were highly commended included Lloyd Cosway's shot of massive waves pounding the shore and easily overcoming the sea defences at Porthleven in Cornwall during February's storms


Sian Williams named as Channel 5's main news anchor

Former BBC breakfast host Sian Williams (pictured) has been named as Channel 5's new main ...


From BBC News - No freshers from Clare College Cambridge turn up for 'compulsory' consent workshop

nightvalessp: "You order a slice of strawberry pie, and the waitress indicates through words and movements that it will be brought to you presently. The radio speaks soothingly to you from staticky speakers set into a foam-tile ceiling. It is telling a story about you! Your story, at last.”


Will it snow this Christmas? Find out here!

Improve Your Tornado IQ (And Know What To Do)


Buffalo News photographer took stunning snowstorm photos from the sky

HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO R. GILL! ......... R. GILL IS A NEW YEAR'S BABY............. Buffalo, New York.


In Oklahoma today......WOW!! Only GOD can paint these Images. Only HE can remind us how small we really are. Shared from Region 56 news Channel --- Tyler, Texas