Newborn shadow boxes w the times your babies were born displayed underneath.

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Baby shadow box a clock with the time they were born. I might put a small clock or other reckoning of the time IN the shadow box.

I've been holding onto stuff from when my kids were born because I knew I eventually wanted to do something with them.  I saw a post on pint...

Things to possibly include: Hospital band, first shoes, newspaper from the day he is born, going home outfit, hat.

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I kept items from my boys' first few days of life just for this purpose. Baby blanket, going home outfit, hospital cap, ID armbands (ankle bands), footprints

Newborn Shadow Box - I've got to do this! I have all the essentials to do it!

Newborn clothes/memories in shadowbox. Better than in a box in the closet! A box for each kid, in their bedrooms when little, then moved to the living room when they dont want it in there.

Newborn shadow box

Shadow Box Ideas - Shadow boxes are a distinct means to maintain memories as well as tokens

Supplied Unframed. This unique and modern birth print would make a great newborn baby gift for a new baby boy or girl. £10.00

Personalised Baby Birth Date Print

handcrafted shadowbox for newborn mementos. #rhbabyandchild

RH Baby & Child's Antiqued Pewter Wood Shadow Box:Our handcrafted shadow boxes display cherished heirlooms and small treasures to elegant effect. Finished in antiqued pewter or gilt for old-world appeal.