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9/11 New Yorker Covers

Here is a slide show of some of The New Yorker’s covers, reflections of the changed urban, political, and cultural landscape that the event left …

Read about this week’s cover, “Fall Library,” by Tom Gauld: http://nyr.kr/1qTBk6j

Cover Story: Tom Gauld’s “Fall Library”

This week’s New Yorker cover by Tom Gauld. “ When Tom Gauld sent the first sketch for this week’s cover, “Fall Library,” we discussed a variant where the woman was holding an electronic-book reader.

The New Yorker - Monday, May 16, 2016 - Issue # 4639 - Vol. 92 - N° 14 - « The Innovators Issue » - Cover “On the Go” by Christoph Niemann 2/2

Christoph Niemann illustrates the New Yorker’s first augmented reality cover

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The New Yorker - Monday, November 2013 - Issue # 4523 - Vol. 89 - N° 37 - Cover “Last Straw” by Adrian Tomine