Loss is not something to be f*cked with. ~ oneway_trigger

Loss is not something to be f*cked with. ~ oneway_trigger

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What even is this? | Attack on Titan | Eren | Levi

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The Otaku Files-- Funny what the show is like compared to its fan base! Freaking Gay flying unicorns haha-- Attack on Titan

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Attack on Titan. I read SO many good reviews on this anime and it's pretty new 2013, just released on NetFlix Jan 10th. I watched the first episode last night and felt a bone chill up my spine.I can tell. It's definitely going to get really good. Therefore it is a worthy watch!

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Come on. Give new Fans a little slack, this could've been you in the past<< but their marco jokes aren't even half as good as ours... why should we?

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I Can Relate To That ❤ (Sorry If New Emojis Using A Different Computer)

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For the second to last Para, because it is just so random, lol <--Previous Pinner has obviously never seen "Attack on Titan Abridged."

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