An Elegant Infographic For A More Civilized Age: A Look at STAR WARS Lightsabers — GeekTyrant

An Elegant Infographic For A More Civilized Age: A Look at STAR WARS Lightsabers

An elegant Infographic for a more civilized age: A look at Star Wars Lightsabers — GeekTyrant

Star Wars: Lightsaber (Colors).   In the NEW canon, the kyber crystals are all CLEAR, and change color to match the user's characteristics. A clear crystal will "Bleed" red, if corrupted by a Dark Force User. The crystals CAN be "Reformed", if liberated. But will ONLY produce the color 'White', thereafter.

Star Wars: Lightsaber (Colours & Meanings)

Let's talk about the new 'Star Wars' lightsaber

Let's talk about the new 'Star Wars' lightsaber

Hopefully you already figured out the gravelly voice narrating the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is not Benedict Cumberbatch. Isn't it that Andy guy?

Like the old canon better. Oh well.

New canon for Star Wars...specifically lightsaber crystals.

I will just point out that "syntactically" is supposed to be "synthetically" (in the EU, Sith crystals were synthetic rather than natural)

Why The New ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Actually Makes Sense

Why The New 'Star Wars' Lightsaber Actually Makes Sense

The new lightsaber shown in the teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens is pretty much the coolest thing I've seen all year!

Why do I picture my kids having lightsaber battles INSTEAD of brushing their teeth...either way...totally AWESOME!!!

Star Wars Toothbrushes

This could make a kid want to makes ME want to brush. They even have a timed light that blinks for 60 seconds to let kids know how long to brush their teeth.

Star Wars Thumb Wrestling Kit. Would not have thought this a good idea before I had a 4 yr old who loves Star Wars.

Star Wars Thumb Wrestling Kit Has You Fighting With Small Lightsabers

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Kit / Everyone is a Star Wars fan to some degree. If you’re geeky enough to own a lightsaber, it puts you in an exclusive club of Star Wars groupies.

It didn't take long for "Picked for You" to win me over. To quote Ken Jennings, "I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords."

Star Wars Lightsaber Evolution

Funny pictures about Star Wars Lightsaber Evolution. Oh, and cool pics about Star Wars Lightsaber Evolution. Also, Star Wars Lightsaber Evolution photos.