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I mostly pinned this because of the new rage comic face. @Mallory Puentes Madsen

bahahaha I have never looked at the ingredient label on a bag of carrots!

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Don't f**k with your mother's counting!

never mind the new car

Took me a minute to realize that those were bees and I would be walking too


All you need to do is shuffle your feet through there and then you won't step on them

When you ask your friends for feedback.. tap to view the full comic!

When you ask your friends for feedback. tap to view the full comic!

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Some people these days... #bringragecomicsback - 9GAG

Some people these days... #bringragecomicsback

I had that 200 pack every year I got a new one now I have enough crayons to run a pre-school

I have more crayons than the Chuck Norris level. My sister can back me up here, she had to organize all of them!

you dont say meme new phone

Samsung Galaxy designed for humans? You mean to tell me it's not for the aliens pretending to be humans?

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I know how to fix this xD just use tape to lift the sticky residue off the cover