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RP: @__shezanurse This is spot on! "Thanks family for watching me look like a fool attempting to untangle this mess of cables & keep my cool while I'm doing it 😬😕😩😩😤😂 " : : : : : :


Cartoon: Once upon a time, we were new to nursing. - About A Nurse - Nursing Cartoon Series


8 Drugs Every ICU Nurse Needs to Know. What drug to give during which arrhythmia. Very important for new ICU nurses to know. #icu #nurse


Handmade "Sleeping Nurse" Front Door Sign - Do Not Disturb - Porch Sign - Window - New Parents - Gift Idea - No Soliciting - Solicitation


Google Mine app could help you share and catalog your belongings

Well one day I was in class and I was going through an asthma attack and I started coughing really loud and bad and it was a long coughing fit and everyone including my teacher was watching me. When I finally got called to the nurse before I could even leave the room a kid in my class yelled "QUICK, EVERYONE PUT ON YOUR YELLOW HAZMAT SUITS!" (Or however you spell it) and then I yelled backed "I DONT HAVE EBOLA PEOPLE!" Them left the room very very annoyed. << omg lol


I can hide my emotions like an elephant on rollerblades going down a steep hill in a wide open desert. #heartonsleeve #stressedandshowingit #theresnohiding


Here are 101 essential survival tips every new nurse must know: