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Traits of Capricorn Rising/Ascendent. NOTE: This is not the same as the sun sign - aka the day someone is born. Rising Signs change bi-hourly (12 signs over a span of 24 hours) and it is essential to know the time (and place as well as date) of birth in order to calculate. Our Ascendant signifies our outward personality that others, specifically strangers or new people see as well as some of our mannerisms, called our Astrological Mask. It can also have an influence on our childhood. If you…

Ivy, Ogham name Gort, rules 30th September to 27th October. Evergreen Ivy is said to house the Spirit of Nature during the dead of Winter, and so represents regeneration, preserving life to continue the next year. The last sheaf of corn to be cut each harvest was bound round with Ivy called the Ivy Girl, to preserve the spirit of the corn until the following years harvest.

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BirchBirch, Ogham name Beith, rules 24th Dec to 20th Jan, in divination it represents a new start, beginnings and birth. Use Birch twigs for broom making "a new broom sweeps clean"

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Bramble, Ogham name Muin, rules 2nd September to 29th September and in divination represents intoxication; as Blackberry wine is strong and heady, so the excitement from chancing upon new ideas is also intoxicating.

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New Zodiac Sign Dates: Ophiuchus The 13th Sign?

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NASA to change zodiac signs? People are freaking out over these new dates -

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Willow, Ogham name Saille, rules 15th April to 12th May, its element is that of water. In divination: The flexible Willow twig when pushed into damp soil will strike root and grow, so moving on from one period of life to a new era with wisdom and experience gained from adversity.

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Aries have great magnetism. They pull everyone and bring them together. The are dynamic, wide-eyed and constantly make new chapters in life

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