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Life is too short to have boring hair. So true - I need to make mine more interesting.

New Debbie Macomber Books 2015: Silver Linings

15 Quotes About Life's Silver Linings to Celebrate Debbie Macomber's New Book

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Ladies, if it's looking orange or yellow you need to come in for a toning session and to extend it get some purple shampoo!

"Hairstylists are a girl's best friend" - hair quote

"Hairstylists are a girl's best friend" - hair quote--Marilyn Monroe: My Baby Girl, The Future Glam Stylist Loves Her Look!


When someone notices that I'm staring into space or that I seem distant in thought, the answer I give can never be the truth for the sake of not hurting that someone. My thoughts of you and my feelings for you, will always be private and silent.