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dear world, when a girl is quie, you already know that's dangerous. the things that constantly torture thsi girl keep repeating. and she has tried to please the people surrounding her; but now she's tired. give her a break. the ones around her make her feel ugly, like an idiot or never good enough. the people around her never appreciate the things she does for them. this girl is dying inside. she's tried physically, emotionally, and mentally. (cont)

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I just want to say...I've felt this before. And sometimes I still do. But I'm not alone in that feeling and I want everyone to isn't true. You have so much value.

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I would have given anything to you. I would have given up everything for you. Yet it was never good enough, because I was never her...

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I miss family so much it really hurts to bow we will never be one again miss u so much jabba

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No matter what I do, it'll never be good enough. I'm tired and all you do is criticize EVERY single thing I do. Instead of holding me and helping me. You put me down make me feel like shit. You're never there for me. I cry alone and you don't care. I'm tired of it all. Anything I do is never to your standards. Why are you even with me???

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