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Shomi a Canadian Netflix competitor is shutting down.

The Story Behind Meridian: Why Netflix Is Helping Competitors With Content and Code (EXCLUSIVE) [ALL]

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Netflix is 12 times as popular as its streaming competitors among younger viewers

Netflix is over 12 times more popular than its competitors among younger viewers

Flawed but insightful glimpse into 70's body building competitions and its fans. So interesting for a peek into the mind of the young, cocky Arnie alone.

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Netflix's competitors are quickly closing the gap in a crucial area

Netflix's big competitors have caught up in a crucial area

What Is A "Smart TV"?   #Infographic #SmartTV #Technology

What Is A "Smart TV"? [Infographic]

What Is A "Smart TV"? #Infographic #SmartTV #Technology

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Netflix reportedly spent $40 million on Chris Rock

Chris Rock has had well-known comedy specials on HBO like Bigger and Blacker and Never Scared, but in 2017 when he returns with his first special in eight years...

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Hulu Plus vs. iTunes vs. Netflix vs. Amazon Instant Video: Which Is Best?

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