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These Secret Netflix Codes Can Unlock Thousands of Hidden Categories

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Netflix secret search list: type "" and the 4 digit number next to the category you want to changer!!

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Netflix has tons of hidden categories — here's how to see them

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Secret Netflix Codes To Unlock Thousands Of Hidden Categories

Have you ever spent hoursssss browsing Netflix only to end up not even picking a movie? Well you're not the only one to experience what we like to call 'ONS' or 'Overwhelming Netflix Selection'.

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These Secret Netflix Codes Will Unlock Thousands Of Hidden Genres

You go on a computer to watch Netflix and at the end of the URL type the number that matches the type of movie you wanna watch. Example: Classic movies will have a number so if you type the number, only Classic movies will pop up

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The secret codes that get you access to everything on Netflix

There are tens of thousands of secret codes that will give users full access to everything on Netflix.

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8 Netflix hacks to completely change the way you binge

Complete list of Netflix category codes for every Netflix genre. All the best Netflix Secret Codes in one massive list!