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Mark Zuckerberg called out on 'disingenuous' advocacy of Free Basics over net neutrality in India

Mark Zuckerberg called out on disingenuous advocacy of Free Basics over net neutrality in India

India Blocks Facebook’s Free Basics, Other Zero-Rated Mobile Services Over Net Neutrality

Citing Net Neutrality, India Blocks Facebook’s FreeBasics, Other Zero-Rated Mobile Services - - Tech news articles and gadgets videos from around the web

This weekend, All India Backchod (AIB) released a video titled Save The Internet, which spoke about net neutrality. What followed was a trending hashtag with everyone talking about #SaveTheInternet. The guys at AIB did a great job in breaking down the concept of net neutrality and how it will in turn affect each one of us. While the Internet gurus have been getting worked up about this for quite a while now, the simple breakdown by AIB makes sure that everyone knows what it really is. And…

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