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12 Amazing Neroli Essential Oil Uses


10 Recipes with Neroli Essential Oil – Citrus aurantium ssp amara/Bigaradia

Neroli Oil - Pure Therapeutc Quality Neroli essential oil from Bitter Orange blossoms. The aroma is especiallly cherished, and is often included in blends for care of aging skin.

❤Neroli is widely used in aromatherapy - being indicated to ease tension, relax and increase circulation.❤


Homemade Perfume Recipes For a Heavenly Smell You Can Afford. It's amazing how many bottles you can find to. Some for pennies.


16 Easy DIY Perfumes You Can Create Yourself

On my dream beauty list, creating my own perfume in some fancy shop in Paris is right up there with having my own Sephora built into my house. The likelihood of either of those things happening is as high as receiving a marriage proposal from Nick Jonas in the mail. (Read: Zero) That being said, if you’re like me and you want your own perfume, you don’t need to abandon that dream completely. You can create your own fragrance yourself at home. Really.


Neroli essential oil In aromatherapy, neroli essential oil is typically used for the following health problems: anxiety colds headache high blood pressure indigestion insomnia In addition, neroli essential oil is said to reduce inflammation, alleviate stress, stimulate circulation, and enhance mood. When used in skin-care products, neroli essential oil is thought to treat oily skin, reverse signs of aging, and diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


Ultra Healing Whipped Body Butter with Essential Oils

If you need a healing, moisturizing, and elegant body butter, I have your DIY recipe. The combo of essential oils and butters feels and smells great.