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Slow cooked lamb korma

Slow cooked, one-pot, melt-in-the-mouth lamb korma. Can be made paleo by subbing in coconut milk and honey


Bhuna Chicken Recipe is the famous Indian chicken dish, cooked in fresh fragrance of ginger, garlic and Bhuna Masala.

Orange Rasmalai

Orange Rasmalai is a twist on the regular Rasmalai


Kulfi is a very popular frozen dessert which is popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Burma. Traditionally, Kulfis are prepared by continuously stirring and thickening flavoured Milk until its volume is reduced by almost half. The thickened milk is poured into sealed Kulhars (above) or Kulfi molds and frozen. Often, they are also set in earthen pots – the Matka Kulfis.


Gujiya is the famous Indian Sweet Dish, made with all-purpose flour, ghee, khoya and cardamoms. Holi is the main festival in India and Gujiya is highly mad


Coconut burfi/fudge Here is a confession....I hardly ever cook anything from cookbooks! " Gasp !" you might say. "What? Really? How can ...