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Cool download where you type what you want and it writes it using the periodic table. Cool for science bulletin boards!

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Genius Periodic Table of Elements Funny Science T-shirt

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Resources for sale. Mostly filled in periodic table but can fill in symbols in colour; cards for each element (part of table, name, uses, discovered by, named for, room temp state, colour for part of periodic table).

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Astronomy Lab Activity: Spectroscopy

In this lab activity, students will study the spectra given off by different elements of the periodic table. Students will compare the spectra of more and less complex elements and have the opportunity to attempt to identify unknown elements based on their spectra.Materials needed:Gas tubes (like neon lights) for various elements.Spectroscopes or diffraction grating lenses.Colored pencils or markers.An answer key is not included as student results will vary based on the elements chosen.

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Get Facts About the Element Neon

This neon filled discharge tube displays the element's characteristic reddish-orange emission.

The History of Neon: So where did the idea of NEON come from?