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In this download, you will find two checklists: one will help you get everything you need and the other will help you generate excitement and interest with your neighbors to get them involved!

National Good Neighbor month is in full force here at Protection 1! We have already gotten you started with providing you tools in starting a neighborhood watch program. Next on the list is 5 Steps to a Safe Neighborhood. These 5 easy steps can help protect your community from exposed danger. Print them out and hand them to your neighbors!

Nosey Neighbor Signs | ... this premises is under 24 hour surveillance by a nosey neighbour

How to Start a Neighborhood Watch

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 23 Pics

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Steps to Starting a Neighborhood Watch Program

We all want to live in a safe, friendly place where we know we’ll be okay on an evening stroll, an early morning run, or while we dream the night away. But great neighborhoods just don’t happen – the people...

Original title: batalova-galina2011 ~ Dreams My comment: Lovely pin with a dreaming #cat looking for more outside a bedroom window. #peaceful and tranquil.

Five Steps to Building a Successful Neighborhood Watch

Warning: Neighborhood Watch Sign