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from the Guardian

Clampdown on lawyers overcharging NHS in clinical negligence cases

NHS Litigation Authority says a third of paid out last year went to lawyers and that government legal aid reforms have led to rising costs in some cases

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The owner of door manufacturing company Express Hi-Fold Doors Ltd has been acquitted of 2 counts of manslaughter by gross negligence but has found his company fined £30,000 for falling far below health and safety standards after the deaths of the lead singer of band The Fisherman's Friends and their manager on stage in 2013. The judge in the case has reminded the court that her decision to acquit Director David Naylor was based on the doors being poorly manufactured rather than intentional…

from the Guardian

Abandoned NHS IT system has cost £10bn so far

I wonder if this is the same system that one former head said oh yes I have achieved a lot by this implementation, and got a nice 300,000 + payoff really in the wrong job oui - Abandoned NHS IT system has cost £10bn so far

In case, you believe you might have suffered any reduction because of medical negligence and may prove it within the court, you are able to sue the physician as well as a hospital in which the incident happened.

from Mail Online

Surgeon linked to major childbirth negligence cases has 'no regrets'

Typically, in an automobile accident case, negligence must be proven to be able to establish who the accountable party is, who would then be held fiscally responsible for damages. However, in some scenarios, negligence does not have to be proven. It is presumed and is known as negligence per se. Here’s what you need to know aout negligence per se, or presumed negligence, and how it might affect your case.