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NHS lines up £56billion of budget to pay for legal costs of negligence cases

NHS lines up £56billion of budget to pay for legal costs of negligence cases #ZincLegal #MedicalNegligence

Medical Negligence: Are You Being Treated Right? #infographic

Medical negligence is defined as, “the deviation from accepted standards of care.” Standards of care are often subject to debate, so medical negligence cases are very difficult to prove.

Clampdown on lawyers overcharging NHS in clinical negligence cases

NHS Litigation Authority says a third of paid out last year went to lawyers and that government legal aid reforms have led to rising costs in some cases

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Abandoned NHS IT system has cost £10bn so far

I wonder if this is the same system that one former head said oh yes I have achieved a lot by this implementation, and got a nice 300,000 + payoff really in the wrong job oui - Abandoned NHS IT system has cost £10bn so far

Government 'grossly negligent' by not planning for Brexit talks failure, Foreign Affairs Committee warns

Failure to plan for Brexit talks collapsing 'gross negligence', Foreign Affairs Committee warns


'My daughter was sent home from A&E to die of croup': Grieving mother to sue hospital after one-year-old's death

Lilly Rogerson, from Yorkshire, would have celebrated her second birthday last week, but instead her mother Samantha, is mounting a medical negligence case.

In case, you believe you might have suffered any reduction because of medical negligence and may prove it within the court, you are able to sue the physician as well as a hospital in which the incident happened.

Family of injured baby waits 15 years for claim against NHS to be settled

A medical negligence claim stemming from a serious injury suffered by a newborn in 1995 has finally come to a conclusion as the hospital trust held accountable have been made to pay £3.1 million from the 13 year case. Details of the case cannot be published due to the child's age at the time of the incident but is thought to be very serious due to the time taken to resolve. Often serious injuries at birth can heavily affect the future of a child including their development and care needs…

Surgeon linked to major childbirth negligence cases has 'no regrets'

Our latest blog takes a look at the long running manslaughter by gross negligence case recently resolved. Optometrist Honey Rose has been found guilty of negligent manslaughter after failing to identify a condition which proved fatal for young boy Vincent Barker, robbing his family of his life.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases on earth. 12.49% of medical deaths are caused by malignant neoplasm, commonly known as cancer. However, one in every five cancer patients

awesome IMF’s Lagarde convicted in negligence case; won’t face jail term Check more at

Michael Jackson: Family lose case against AEG Live

A jury reached a verdict on Wednesday in a case claiming the promoter of Michael Jackson's comeback concert was negligent in hiring the doctor who killed him.