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Declutter Your Mind: Eliminate Worry, Relieve Anxiety, and Stop Negative Thoughts

6 effective strategies for reframing your negative thoughts. Using positive thinking to overcome negative thinking and increase happiness and mental well being. | An excerpt from SJ Scott and BArrie Davenport's book, DECLUTTER YOUR MIND. Dealing with mental well being.

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Kids healthy eating printables

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Tweet Tweet Negative thinking is not only bad for your health but could affect your life in a drastic fashion. Blaming, predicting, and labeling are just some of the practices you need to stop to get on the right track as far as positive thinking is concerned. This infographic by Health Central shows how you …

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Stop your negative thinking. | Positivity | Positive thinking

Tips to Stop Negative Thoughts from Getting You Down

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How to silence negative thinking

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There's a lot of thought patterns we activate when we interact with others. Here's a take on cognitive errors mixed with some of the mental habits we try to cultivate through yoga-- and mindfulness...

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