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Wrinkles between the eyes and on the forehead are also indicative of shortsightedness or of someone who squints/frowns in concentration. Both "positive" and "negative" signs together likely indicates one our both of these traits.


3 Negative Personality Traits That Might Actually Benefit You

Some "negative" personality traits can lead to positive results.


8 Seemingly Negative Personality Traits You Should Actually Be Proud of | via @learningmindcom |

"The trick is to make these simple, objective statements without condemnation or judgment. Awareness is everything. And slowly, these character faults within us begin to change."

How People React To Failure #infographic #Failure #Success

How People React To Failure #infographic


What fears inspire your worst Character Flaws? The seven chief features of ego, a dominant negative attitude are: a defensive and potentially destructive pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. We all have at least one. We create it during adolescence, and thereafter it manifests as a lifelong character flaw or personality defect unless to work to overcome it.


Deal With an Emotionally Distant Parent

As you grow older, you begin to notice things about your parent's personalities in a more objective light. And you also begin to notice that your parents are human, and capable of mistakes and negative personality traits, just like every...