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galaxy! Wow this is the stunning beauty that which we actually be - and then we question our worth???

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The atoms of which we are made, came from the stars. These atoms have been recycled many times before they gathered to become Maggie

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Our sun is one sparkle in a field of billions. Such audacious beauty. Our world is a glittery canvas!

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NGC 346 (in the Small Magellanic Cloud). An open cluster and emission nebula in Tucana. Apparent size 14 by 11 arcmin. The largest emission nebula in the Small Magellanic Cloud.

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Chaos Nebula. I can never get my head round the universe. The earth would only be a very small pinprick on this picture - but there are over a BILLION galaxies like this - BILLIONS of miles apart.

High resolution (1920x1080) wallpaper of this image available at

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