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Pembrokeshire Coast Path - Distances have been rounded, up or down, to the nearest mile or kilometre. Anyone adding up the total distance may notice that it amounts to 882 miles or 1419 kilometres - slightly longer than the official distance of 870 miles or 1400 kilometres.However, we expect this figure to reduce as planned realignments come into effect. The tables will be revised when this happens.


Pictures of the day: 5 March 2013

Four bear cubs climb up a tree for safety as an alpha male approaches them. Fearing for her cub's lives the mother bear urged them to scramble up the nearest tree trunk while she kept watch on the ground. The scene was captured by photographer Lauri Tammik in woods in north Finland.


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Boarding Norway's most famous train: the Flåm Railway

Norway's Flåm Railway: why you should do it! #travel


Although Venus is only the planet second nearest the sun, its dense, toxic atmosphere traps heat in a runaway version of the greenhouse effect that warms up the Earth. As a result, temperatures on Venus reach 870 degrees F (465 degrees C), more than hot enough to melt lead.


Scientists discover planets which travel up to 30million miles per hour after coming into contact with black holes

This mosaic image of Andromeda spiral galaxy -- showing explosive stars in its interior and cooler, dusty stars forming in its many rings -- combines observations from the Herschel Space Observatory taken in infrared light (the orange hues), and the XMM-Newton telescope captured in X-rays (the blues). Andromeda is our nearest large neighbor -- located about 2.5 million light-years away and holds nearly trillion stars. Our Milky Way galaxy contains about 200 - 400 billion stars.


On this day 31st December 1720 Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart) was born in Rome. Also known as The Young Pretender he landed in Scotland with his followers in 1745 capturing Edinburgh and setting up court at the Palace of Holyrood. His decision to march on London brought him head on with an army led by the Duke of Cumberland, and defeat at Culloden,


Loki: the god of insults <<<< not quite, Tom Hiddles came up with this and the director let it through cause he didn't know what it meant and didn't know it was so rude! :L


Rounding to the Nearest 10 A hundreds chart is a great way for students to visualize numbers that round to each group of ten. Use one color to highlight numbers that round to 10, another color to highlight numbers that round to 20, and so on


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Silver Corset with Shoulder Straps

One of our more elegant numbers, this silver brocade corset has been handmade by skilled tailors at our factory. The shoulder straps make this stunning piece a little more formal, meaning it would be just as perfect for a day at the office as it would for a night on the dancefloor or even a more formal event. Team this corset up with a long black skirt or some sexy blue jeans and you're onto a winner! The steel boning, combined with the stainless steel busk closure and strong corset cord ...

I so needed this today during my rounding lesson. I was actually trying to come up with something cute that rhymed... who knew?


Fractions Unit

Here are the activities that are included: Match Em' Up, Fractions Expert Hats, Printables, Task Cards, Flip Book, Desk Helpers, Fractions Puzzles, Fractions Spin & Stack Game (estimating to the nearest 0, 1/2, and 1), and Fractions in my Name Activity These activities include practice and reinforcement of identifying fractions, labeling fractions, creating fractions, identifying numerator & denominator, equal & unequal parts, parts of a whole, limited geometry, and estimating fractions.