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The Daneaxe was one of the most feared viking weapons! With an average shaft length of 5 feet, and an lightweight razorsharp blade, you could hack your opponents into pieces, without them getting even close to you! The most notorious historic story is the one, where a single berserker killed about 500 Anglo-Saxons at the battle of Stamford Bridge, in 1066!

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Sasuke Inari Shrine (佐助稲荷神社 Sasuke Inari Jinja?) is a Shinto shrine in Kamakura and the site of the Hidden Village of Kamakura. It is located very near the Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Shrine, Japan.


“I was distraught when I returned from the Glenmoril Coven to find Kodlak Whitemane dead. He was the first person in Skyrim to give me a chance. When I found his journal in the harbringer’s quarters I nearly cried. I still keep it on my bedside table in Proudspire Manor.“ Image credit: [x]


1917 Elsie Wright 16, & Frances Griffiths 10, from the Yorkshire village of Cottingley claimed they saw & played with fairies near a brook. Borrowing a camera they took photos which came to the attention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He wrote "The Coming of the Fairies" (1922). Evidence for the genuineness of the photos was strong. Skeptics gave explanations (all proved wrong). A study in the 1980s found the source and means of the hoax. The women admitted the hoax shortly before dying.