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The Nazi Hunter: Remarkable story of the Jewish refugee responsible for tracking down the Auschwitz commandant who slaughtered 3million people

Nazi hunter: Hanns Alexander, a Jewish refugee serving in the British Army, captured Rudolph Hoss


The incredible Nancy Wake. She was a powerful WWII Nazi hunter and member of the French resistance. At one point she was #1 most wanted and most-hated by the Nazis. They called her "The White Mouse" because she always escaped them. Read about her--she is fascinating!


Obituary: Sir Christopher Lee

Sir Christopher Lee, the veteran actor and star of many of the world's biggest film franchises, has died aged 93.


War criminal the butcher of Malmedy (1944) - SS-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper (right), serving with SS-Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler on the Eastern Front, is photographed in conversation with another officer probably in 1943. Peiper, adjutant to Heinrich Himmler between 1940 and 1941, was Himmler's protege and one of the most aggressive young panzer commanders of WW2. He survived the war and was killed by Nazi hunters in France in 1976.


MAINZ, Germany -- In their search for justice that has endured for decades, the biggest challenge Nazi hunters face is time. The knowledge that war criminals are escaping prosecution through death by natural causes means their task has

Hermine Braunsteiner, at Majdanek, selected women and children for execution, and whipped/stamped women to death. Nazi-hunters tracked her to USA. At her 1975 trial in Germany, a witness told how she “seized children by their hair and threw them on trucks heading to the gas chambers.” She directly murdered 80 people, abetted the murder of 102 children, and collaborated in the murder of 1,000 people. She was released in 1996 for health reasons. She died in 1999.


They Hunted Nazis to the Ends of the Earth

Though many may know the exploits of Simon Wiesenthal and Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, a new book by Andrew Nagorski documents the achievements of some less-familiar Nazi hunters too.

Was my Jewish great-uncle a Nazi hunter?

Thomas Harding: Could a German Jew really have been a war crimes investigator for the British, responsible for tracking down the commandant of Auschwitz?

A Long-Sought Fugitive Died Four Years Ago in Syria, Nazi Hunter Says

New York Times: Dec. 2, 2014 - A long-sought fugitive died four years ago in Syria, Nazi hunter says