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finding quiet in the wild. a different kind of personal style, photography, and travel blog

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Coffee on the Go. I had sort of assumed that we would gently float around the stores, stopping for coffee and cakes in a genteel tea room. Hannah had other ideas. Perched on a bench in the Square, Hannah outlined phase 2 which was to get me some nice shoes and her something for a party. As we sat some students waved and came over. "Hi Hannah, is this your Mum?" they asked. "No, I wish, she's my Aunt Lucy". What joy to be mistaken for Hannah's Mum and also accepted into this easy sisterhood.

Young Soles // awesome shoes… a little fashion forward with classic roots

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I'll never get tired of little animal prints and darling collars... The picture reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom for some reason

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For fall: sweater, warm scarf (ahem, fur), long sleeve sweater, contrast opaque tights, mahogany leather accessories

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This blog is so awesome! This chic has the best style I have probably ever seen, vintage perfectly mixed with modern and classy

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